The Clutter Connection: A Deeper Understanding of Our Attachment to “Stuff” (Live Webinar)

2 CE Contact Hours

Presenter: Katie Tracy, MHRM

Thursday, April 19, 2018

8:00PM – 10:00PM EST

Live Webinar

Cost $39.99


Get ready to learn from the unique perspective of Simplicity Expert, Professional Organizer, and “Simple Spaces” founder, Katie Tracy, MHRM.
This live-interactive webinar CE You! Regional Director, Elizabeth Weintraub, LMSW will join with Katie in exploring the most common causes of disorganization faced by individuals and families, the various underlying mental and emotional connections to our “stuff” and how to address them, an overview of resources available to help clients simplify their lives as well as living and working space.
Upbeat and engaging, you’re sure to enjoy this fascinating session with Katie,as she draws upon her years of professional experience helping clients develop the skills to organize and maintain greater simplicity in their lives, making room for what’s important.39.99